~Nice Won presents~

Boy Meets Girl.
Plant Eats World.
...Portland Style.

An upcycled
of a classic tale,
modernized to reflect
our current hazy
high times of 
growing unrest.

Produced by Emily Hetrick and Christian Parkinson

Directed by nOah VeiL

Art and Visuals by The Pander Brothers

The Alberta Rose Theatre
APRIL 11,12,13     2019
Doors open at 7pm
$25 presale

Set in modern day Portland Oregon, amidst a collapsing cannabis industry, soaring rent and social unrest. This comical parody has a go at the Poisonous Patriarchy, Gender Norms, Modern Politics, Conspiracy Theorists, Polyamory, Micro Brews, Psychedelics, Aphrodisiacs , and Home Grown Horticulture... or is it Horror Culture?

Evoking legendary music while completely updating the characters and script, Little Grow Shop of Horrors is a beautiful and bloody parody unlike any you’ve ever seen. Complete with Trimmer Divas, Freeloaders, Shamans, DJ’s, YouTubers, PodCasters, Puppeteers, Hipsters Heretics and Citizens just like you. This Musical is a bloody and beautiful adventure, reminiscent of stories you've heard and tales you've told... but is unlike anything you've ever seen live on stage. well... almost ever.



~Emily Hetrick~
~Dallys Newton~

The Trimmer Divas

~Anthony McCarthy ~
Seemore Krelborn

~Eliza Jane Schneider~ 
Audrey Won

~Andrew Garrettson~
Mr. Kushnik

~Landy Hite~
Shamanic Dentist

~Sarah King~ 
Audrey Too 

~nOah VeiL~
Mr. Dentin’ / Mr. Hundos

The Freeloaders

~Mike Danner~ 

~Arthur Parker~ 

~David Owen~


~Ben Haynor~  


Art Design / 
BackGround Visuals by
~The Pander Brothers~

Light Design
~Chris Herring~

Stage Manager
~Ker Bang~

Dance Choreography
~Patsy Morris~

Puppet Design and Fabrication
~Faerin Millington~

Lead Master Fabricator
~Mary Nagler~

Fabrication Assistant
~Matthew Stowers~
~Jay Twenge~

~Matthew Stowers~
~Faerin Millington~
~Jay Twenge~

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